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Minor musings on a Major Incident 

This week, London experienced the type of incident some would say we have been anxiously dreading, having watched our European neighbours in Paris, Berlin and Nice suffer similar senseless violence in recent months. A vague unease that ‘something might happen here’ suddenly became realised, the picture pulled into focus as an anticipated nebulous threat materialised into a set of concrete events. Five people (at the … Continue reading Minor musings on a Major Incident 

One Pill Killers

Toddlers are a distinct species within paediatrics. Take the stubbornness of a goat, the morals of a used-car salesman, the dexterity of a plastic surgeon and the temperament of Bruce Banner – and you end up with what is basically a tiny, intellectually challenged ninja, with the capacity to do alarmingly stupid things with incredible speed and skill.

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‘Just’ a headache..?

Headaches are such a common acute paediatric presentation – most are thankfully benign, but how do you make sure you don’t miss something more sinister?

This post is based on a talk I went to recently by HeadSmart – a charity focused on raising awareness of symptoms of brain tumours in children. The following points are adapted from their guide for doctors…


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