NICE Bronchiolitis guidelines 2015 – doing ‘nothing’ with confidence…

PEMgeek3RSV has settled in for the season in the UK – cue the annual ‘nebulised-saline vs salbutamol vs TLC’ debate on every ward round. Well, this year we have a new bronchiolitis guideline from NICE which should help put the old arguments to bed – and remind us how few interventions actually do any good for this condition. Time to get comfortable doing nothing…

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Happy new year! 2015 was a busy one for this new blog – over 15,000 hits from 120 different countries –¬†unbelievable¬†ūüôā¬†Thank you¬†to everyone who has visited, commented, contributed, and welcomed me to the FOAMed community. In 2016 you will be seeing more of the popular PEM Reviews, but also a variety of other posts;¬†always happy¬†to take¬†feedback and suggestions of what you’d like more of. Onwards!

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Paediatric DKA Guideline 2015 – What’s new?

PEMgeek3I put up the link to the revised BSPED DKA guideline recently, so I thought I’d follow up with this post to explain exactly what all the changes are. Most of them relate to fluid management and seem to be geared towards making sure we don’t end up overshooting with rehydration and putting kids in danger of cerebral oedema – seems pretty reasonable ūüėČ

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