About PEMgeek.com


PEM = Paediatric Emergency Medicine

The world of #FOAMed is exploding – there is so much educational material out there that even figuring out where to start can be intimidating.

FOAMed = Free Open Access Medical Education

PEMgeek.com (this site, created and curated by Dr Katie Knight) exists to provide a concentrated stream of the best free, open access paediatric education material from around the web. There will be a PEM focus but general paeds topics will feature too – targeting a mixed audience of paediatric and EM trainees who are keen to keep learning, no matter how long they’ve been in the job.

About me: I am a Paediatric registrar currently working in a central London hospital (UK), subspecialising in Paediatric Emergency Medicine. I’m a total FOAM convert and am becoming an enthusiastic member of this online community – I hope this site can act as a ‘way in’ to others who are just starting to realise how much incredible educational material is out there.

Follow me on twitter: @PEMgeek

Disclaimer: PEMgeek.com is not affiliated with any outside institution. Any content or  views expressed on the site are solely the views of the creators of the original content.


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