PEM review 002 – April 27th 2015

PEMgeek4Welcome back, here’s your PEM roundup for this week – a real varied bunch of bitesized educational gems…



button batt      1. BUTTON BATTERIES BURN. This really short but effective time-lapse video demonstrates just how destructive these tiny batteries can be. Credit to @EM3FOAMed

panic           2. TEENY TINY TUBES: Even if you’re not an anaesthetist – or a paediatrician – it wouldn’t hurt to know some basics of paediatric intubation… (store in memory bank under ‘in case sh** hits fan’). Great looking and informative presentation by @rosshofmeyer …who has hinted that an audio file to accompany this will appear shortly! 🙂

Hematuria_test       3.  IMAGE OF THE WEEK an unexpected MRI finding following trauma related haematuria… (don’t scroll down too far unless you want to cheat!)

index      4. HAYFEVER season is approaching – is there anything to worry about in accidental overdose/over-zealous use of Benadryl? (short answer – YES – if you can only spare 4 minutes for your ongoing PEM education this week click here) – PEMblog @PEMtweets

asleep      5.  MEDICAL CONFERENCES – if you go to the full lecture program, you might be doing it all wrong. So how to make the most out of your hard earned study leave? This came along just in time for the @RCPCHtweets annual meeting. Thanks to @pemfellowscom

nose      6. HIDE AND SEEK Small children are eternally inventive in what they can cram into an ear or nostril when mum or dad’s back is turned. Make sure you’re one step ahead with several methods of removal up your sleeve: Removal of ENT Foreign Bodies

doc       7.  COMMUNICATION It’s so common to feel frustrated when parents ‘inappropriately’ bring their child to A&E – but how does it affect the parent of a sick (or not-so-sick) child when they feel criticism for seeking medical help? Watch @SarahNeill7 give a short presentation that might make you rethink your approach when dealing with parents in the emergency setting.

As always, if you’ve seen something that deserves a mention here, share the #FOAM love and get in touch.


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