PEM Review 001 – April 19th 2015


The world of FOAMed is exploding – there are so many quality resources out there that even figuring out where to start can be intimidating.

FOAMed = Free Open Access Medical education (#FOAMped refers to paediatric FOAMed).  Here’s a useful introduction if you’re new to the concept (thank you @EMUPodcast).

This site has been created to provide a regularly updated concentrated stream of the very best free, open access paediatric education material curated from around the web. There will be a PEM (Paediatric Emergency Medicine) focus, but general paediatric topics will feature too.

@PEMgeek trawled the web so you don’t have to. Enjoy!

April highlights from the world of PEM / #FOAMed / #FOAMPed:

vomit                          1. ACUTE GASTROENTERITIS Cochrane Child Health (@Cochrane_Child) addresses the issue of IV or oral rehydration in acute D+V. Did you know that ondansetron might not be suitable for all children with acute D+V? (read right to the end!)

Briefs-Logo-v2              2. KETAMINE is great for sedating kids – but how do you deal with parents’ concerns and make sure the recovery phase is smooth? Tips from Lauren Riney on PEMblog. (@PEMtweets)

faint                               3. CARDIAC SYNCOPE – can a history alone predict underlying cardiac disease? If you only have 5 minutes read this abstract  and find out which questions are essential to ask.

Gastrostomy-Week         4. GASTROSTOMY WEEK on Don’t Forget The Bubbles. Paediatric  surgeon Camille Wu gives us a four-part series on gastrostomies in paediatrics, covering indications, types and complications.

thermometer                   5. CAN FEVER MELT THE BRAIN?!  A lively discussion on fever in children and neonates with Andy Sloas from PEM ED podcast (@PEMEDpodcast). When you reassure parents of a feverish child can you back it up with solid evidence? There are some other interesting insights in this podcast (listen from 5 min 30 till 12 mins)

simp015                          6.  PROLONGED JAUNDICE – biliary atresia is rare and can present subtly. Outcomes are better the sooner it is detected. Read this from PedEMMorsels (@PedEMMorsels) to refresh your knowledge on the subject.   (Bonus – while on the subject of prolonged jaundice, take a look at this ECG of the week -11th April- courtesy of

diar            7. DIOSMECTITE in acute diarrhoea – ADC blog features an appraisal of a systematic review on this subject. Featured here not as much for the topic itself (although it is interesting) but for the way it demonstrates how a systematic review should be (systematically) appraised. Good reading if you’re looking for journal club inspiration.

epipen                  8. SEVERE ALLERGY – a parent’s perspective. It is a huge burden on the parent – perhaps more than the child – which  is maybe forgotten sometimes. It’s allergy awareness week so give this a read. (This is not a recent blog post by @CarissaK but one that was recently linked on twitter, sorry can’t recall who posted the link to give credit!)

cartoon-telescope-005                 9. INTUSSUSCEPTION – ever seen an ultrasound  of one in progress?

Pain Scale      10. PAINFUL PROCEDURES in children – some conclusions on how best to minimise pain and anxiety summarised by @TREKKca (based on a large Cochrane review). If you are not already using these techniques you should be!

Ultrasound-neck-ETT            11. T.R.U.S.T. your tube – is this the way we’ll all be checking emergency paediatric ET tube placement in the future? Promising results from a recent study (click here for link to original abstract) @ALIEMteam @PEMPOCUS

Always keen to hear about other paediatric FOAMed resources. If you come across something you think deserves a mention here, share the love and please get in touch.


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